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April 30, 2020
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Cuisinart Stand Mixer - SM-BL Blender Attachment

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A stand mixer is one of the steadiest and fastest selling kitchen countertop appliances - and there are good reasons why this gadget keeps on rising in popularity. First, a stand mixer doesn't have a lot of limitations like many kitchen tools do. While it's true that it can;t actually cook the food - it can do everything else. A stand mixer can prepare a meal from start to finish. You can go from whipping up egg whites for a lemon meringue pie to grinding and mixing meats for seasoned meatballs. With different attachments, your stand mixer can do the jobs that some of your other kitchen gadgets currently do. So instead of using two or three separate countertop appliances in your food preparation, you can streamline it to only one - the stand mixer. How is this possible? By using the extra outlets on the stand mixer, you add on attachments. One of these handy attachments is the Cuisinart SM-BL Blender Attachment for the Cuisinart Stand Mixer. This is not some tiny addition that can only make a single serving size of whatever you make. You get a regular size blender attachment, which can be used in the same way that a stand-alone blender can. To use it, you put it together in the stand mixer's outlet and it's ready to use. It has plenty of power and with 12 speeds, you can use it for whatever you want to make. Need some ice crushed for a drink concoction? The blender attachment can handle that. But you won't be limited to just making crushed ice drinks or fruit smoothies, either. You can use the attachment for other foods, too - like for making the mix for pancakes and more. There's a pour lid that helps prevent spills - and if you want to add ingredients while you're using the blender, you won't have to worry about splash back. The blender is a hefty size at 40 ounces and at 7 by 5 and 10 inches tall, it's the right size for a countertop appliance. It fits snugly onto the stand mixer without appearing bulky or unsightly and since it's an attachment, it's removable for storing out of sight until you need it. This quiet operating blender attachment also comes with complete instructions, so you'll know how to attach and detach it. And you get a book filled with delicious recipes that you can try out with your new attachment.


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