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May 23, 2020
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Do you still know How to Set a Table?

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When we were just kids, we would race up against our siblings and would say "Mommy can I set the table?" It was indeed something that we look forward to, setting silverware on the table, do simple napkin folding and make it better than the last time. Table setting was once a part of our childhood life, a fun but simple way to bond with Mommy and to her proud and to show that we can do grownup chores. Today, with all the chores that we do by ourselves, we would do anything to have excuses and for us not to set the table anymore. We find these things time consuming and boring. However, we can still make everything fun just like before. Whether you still live with your parents and siblings or if you already have your own family, here are the things that can make table setting fun:

Use your Imagination

Our View Now On Table Setting

Mix and Match
To get the complete look and feel of your table setting, mix and match ideas, be inspired and creative. You can also try to match your theme with the menu. If you are going for an Asian theme, cook or order some Chinese or Japanese dishes and you will be able to enjoy a different environment. Setting up a simple Chinese theme is really simple, use red and black plates or napkins and the centerpiece can consist of a tea tray, which you can use after you have your dinner.

Bring Back the Good Times

Decorating your dinner table should be fun not stressful, it doesn't have an urgent deadline that will make you stressed and irritated. Do this because you like doing it and because you want your family to enjoy the theme. Don't do something that you don't enjoy. If you have children, you could work together with them in a combined effort which also strengthens your bond. Teach your kids napkin folding and it will surely interest them until they start to make their own unusual styles. Let them choose the color schemes and any favors or decorations with them.

It doesn't mean that there is an occasion if we set the table, sometimes it just means that we are giving some time for ourselves and that we still get in touch with our childhood and we remember that we are in a home rather than in a house.


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