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August 6, 2020
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Get Familiar with Greek Wines & Other Alcoholic Beverages

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What is a celebration without wine? What is a wedding without a toast? With every occasion, we have already been so accustomed with wine that is has been a part of our lives. From simple dinner to extravagant celebrations, wine is a must.

Wine's History

Did you know that the oldest known evidence of wine production was in Europe? It was dated 4500 BC and comes from archaeological sites in Greece. No wonder why Greece is one of the most notable names when the word "wine" comes to mind. Not only that, the earliest attested terms referring to wine would be the Mycenaean Greeks.

Categories or Greek Wines & Other Alcoholic Beverages

* Tsipouro- it is very potent alcohol. It is occasionally drunk with ice and a small amount of water to help dilute it.
* Ouzo- this is the renowned Greek alcoholic beverage of choice, and is a country trademark.
* Mavrodafni- this is a sweet, thick, and dark vino, which is nearly black in color. This is usually consumed for Holy Communion.
* Retsina- white wine

Kalama Rakia
Feta cheese

Some of the most popular mezedes include:

Wine and appetizers won't be complete without the main dish, the most awaited food that will be served. Here are the lists of the most famous Greek cuisines.

Kleftiko/ Klephti?o in Greek translation means "stolen meat". Some can call it Bandit's Lamb. This famous Greek dish is made from slow cooked lamb or other meat.

* Pastitsio- This dish is similar to spaghetti
* Paldakia- Grilled lamb ribs served with lemon
* Kokoretsi- This is generally consumed at Easter. It is wrapped and roasted entrails of lamb
* Kleftiko- Lamb, which is roasted as a whole carcass, in the outdoors
* Moussaka-Casserole dish with eggplant or zucchini, garlic meat sauce and cream cheese and white sauce topping which can be made in a crock pot if you have one. The slow cooker recipes may be slightly different, but will still taste fantastic.
* Gyros- Roasted meats generally served with tzatziki sauce, tomato, onions as garnishes on pita bread. This is a famous Greek fast food
* Pastitsio- This is a Bchamel sauce casserole of macaroni meat

* Tsipouro- is a genuine Greek wine. It is, by itself a strong distilled spirit containing approximately 45 percent alcohol by volume and is produced from the pomace (the residue of the wine press). It is usually served in shot glasses, very very cold, often with meze, walnuts, almonds, raisins, feta cheese, olives, or accompanying halva or other desserts in restaurants.

* Ouzo- is an anise-flavored aperitif that is widely consumed in Greece and Cyprus. Ouzo is traditionally mixed with water, becoming cloudy white, sometimes with a faint blue tinge, and served with ice cubes in a small glass. Ouzo can also be drunk, straight, from a shot glass. Mixing ouzo with cola destroys the liquorice-like taste of ouzo.

Yuvarlak is a kind of large meatball in sauce. The meat mixture includes rice or bulgur. They are cooked in moist heat and the juices thickened with avgolemono. Avgolemono is a Greek soup made with egg and lemon juice mixed with broth, heated until they thicken but before they boil and curdle.

* Retsina- is of white color and its unique flavor is said to have originated from the practice of sealing wine vessels, particularly amphorae, with Aleppo Pine resin in ancient times.

Wine doesn't just end here. Knowing different kinds of wine will require money, patience and understanding. It's not only impressive to know someone who has an expertise with wines but can also be a career on the later.


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