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October 18, 2020
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How Clean Is Your Restaurant

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Eating out is a very popular past time. It's so much more than feeding a need. It is a whole social occasion where people expect top quality food, served with excellent presentation and in comfortable surroundings with a certain ambience. None of these things can come together without a great deal of organising and precision planning. It's no understatement that working in a kitchen is a job where you come under extreme pressure to stay on top of your game.

Most of us will have some inkling as to the workings of a professional kitchen. We know that preparation works starts early in the morning and that many kitchens don't actually shut until late at night. The thought that chefs rarely have a social life is actually quite true.

So when, among all this, do the kitchen staff get chance to clean to the standards that the health and hygiene authorities expect? Spot checks are made into the standards of all kitchens where the public eat from and a lack of a certain standard of cleanliness can mean the immediate shutting down of a kitchen and the loss of a great deal of business. How can this be avoided?

Many kitchen owners will call in the services of a professional cleaning company. Specialised industrial cleaning will be scheduled around the activities and business of the kitchen and a thorough deep clean is possible in a relatively short space of time, given that the cleaning staff have all the necessary tools to make the job so much easier.

The use of steam in industrial cleaning is effective, hygienic and quick. There is no residue of chemicals left behind which is important in a kitchen. On top of that steam is ultimately the best method of removing a build up of grease. Grease is notoriously difficult to shift and to leave it to build up too much means the kitchen extraction system is much less efficient. This then leads to cooking smells lingering and even making their way from kitchen to restaurant and nobody eating their double chocolate sundae wants to smell the fish being cooked for the next table along.

As well as reducing efficiency, a build up of grease can be dangerous. In the unfortunate event of a fire, this would be spread at a dangerous rate through any grease and this is one of the things health and hygiene inspectors would look at. Industrial cleaning is a great deal more effective than what the kitchen staff could manage with a bottle of cleaner and a kitchen sponge at two in the morning.

There is often a system of ventilation ducts within a kitchen and the bigger the establishment, the bigger the system. It is important that these are also kept as clean as possible to keep the whole system working to the best of its ability. This is not something that a busy kitchen staff can give thought to and this is where industrial cleaning comes in handy.

Industrial cleaning by a specialised company can be carried out once or twice a year with minimal inconvenience to the business. They can choose to close for one day, use a day when they would normally be shut, if at all, or if the kitchen is of a reasonable size then the cleaning can be done overnight.

Of course, these services come at a cost but it is relative compared to how much more efficiently the kitchen will run and how the health and hygiene officials will always be happy, meaning that the business does not suffer any enforced closing days or the possibility of being shut down.


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