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December 10, 2020
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How To Cut A Mango?

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Mangoes are one of my favorite of fruits. Seasonal of course but these juicy delights give you so much during the time they are around that you love the wait till the next time they are going to be around.

How to cut a mango can actually be quite tricky as compared to what it appears on the outset. On the other hand, however, it can be rather easy if you know just how to do it. There are a few simple things that I would like to share here on how to cut a mango.

While choosing a mango that you would like to cut for eating it is advisable to go in for one that is ripe but not over ripe. The over ripe ones can actually be quite messy and would leave you with juice and pulp all over your hands and maybe even your clothes rather than getting the firm juicy pieces you look forward to biting into. The overripe mangoes are best for juices, taking out pulp and for creamy smoothies. Save them they taste great in drinks.

1-Firstly start with a mango that is not over ripe. A centimeter to both sides of where the stem of the mango is, is where you need to home onto. This is where the seed resides and so you have to keep the location of this in mind to cut it just perfectly. Move your knife to the left of this area and cut a portion (it would come off neatly away from the seed if you have your location right).

2-Now move to the right of the area and cut off another big slice. The main portion of the mango is now cut off. With these two slices you could now go on to the remaining half in two ways.

3-The first way would be to cut off the skin and then cut the mango into long slices or cubes. The second and the easy way would be to make cuts horizontally and vertically and then you have the mango in cubes in no time. Now you can use a sharp serrated knife and separate the cubes from the skin of the mango. Done!! it is that easy if you know just how.

The mango is a highly versatile fruit which makes a wonderful addition to the taste, flavor and even texture of several dishes. A delicious smoothie, salsa, with rice or just top your dessert or ice cream with finely chopped pieces of mango and soon this will be your favorite fruit too.


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